Who is Torin-Sifan?

About us

Torin-Sifan designs and manufactures highly efficient AC and EC motors, motorised impellers and fans for the residential and commercial HVAC manufacturing markets worldwide.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers to understand their needs and create tailor-made solutions for them.  We appreciate customers’ requirements are always evolving with the times and we will continue to adapt to ensure we meet them. This is underpinned with an extensive team of product development and applications engineers

Our customers are involved in numerous diverse markets ranging from the International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industries to Business Machines, Electronics Cooling, Telecommunications and Domestic Appliances, with Torin-Sifan able to offer a diverse range of standard and custom air-movement solutions across all of these industry sectors and more.

More than 50 years of innovation

Since our humble beginnings on the banks of the Naugatuck river in Connecticut USA, we have come a long way changing names, continents, owners, merging brands and innovation in the most efficient electric motor technology, the story of Torin-Sifan is both eventful and successful. Of course some things have not changed. Our pioneering spirit and commitment to creativity and quality remain at the forefront of our thinking. We continue to invest in our local community, British engineering and raising the profile of Torin-Sifan throughout the world.

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Our Facilities

Our EC Manufacturing and Technology Centre is home to:

  • Production of our EC motor based products
  • EC motor production
  • Lean manufacturing department
  • Applications and quality departments
  • Conferencing facilities

Head Office is home to:

  • Production of our steel based products
  • AC motor production
  • Advanced engineering department
  • AMCA approved engineering testing laboratories
  • Applications, quality and commercial departments