Environmental Policy

torin sifan environmental policy

Torin-Sifan recognises the quality and reliability of our products and services, together with a responsibility to the environment is of great importance to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

The company is committed to providing products and services, which comply with all the relevant health and safety, environmental and pollution prevention regulations.  Torin-Sifan strives for continuous improvements in standards and will take a considered and proactive approach to reducing the environmental impact of its operations by...

  • Meeting and where possible, exceeding all relevant environmental legislation

  • Complying with corporate objectives on pollution prevention, health and safety initiatives and waste minimisation

  • The conservation of energy, water, raw materials and other natural resources

  • Using non-polluting and energy efficient technologies wherever feasible in designing long-life products, thereby reducing disposal problems and subsequent environmental impact

  • Minimising raw materials usage and reducing waste generated

  • Wherever practical, incorporating the re-use and re-cycling of materials and packaging

  • Maintaining an efficient transport fleet to minimise fuel usage and atmospheric contamination

  • Providing all employees with appropriate education, training and support to fulfil their responsibilities in accordance with the companies environmental policy

  • Regularly reviewing its environmental policy, objectives and targets for sustainability, ensuring it is still relevant and effective


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