EC Manufacturing and technology centre

Torin-Sifan's 2500 sq metre EC Manufacturing and Technology Centre is home to over 100 employees

Sales of EC based technology products have grown significantly during the last 10 years as a result of energy saving legislation across Europe. Our new facility was opened in 2014 and provides us with a state of the art manufacturing environment, a platform to significantly enhance our product range as well as creating additional capacity to meet the ever growing demand for EC technology.

Torin-Sifan's EC Manufacturing and Technology Centre is home to:

  • Production of our EC motor based products
  • EC motor production
  • Lean manufacturing department
  • Applications and quality departments
  • Conferencing facilities

Head Office

Torin-Sifan's head office is a 7000 sq metre facility employing over 150 employees

Head Office is home to:

  • Production of our steel based products
  • AC motor production
  • Advanced engineering department
  • AMCA approved engineering testing laboratories
  • Applications, quality and commercial departments