Heating & Cooling

Torin-Sifan has been for many years a significant supplier of fan technology to the fancoil, air curtain, fan convector and AHU market sectors in Europe. Our fandeck and forward curved fan solutions are well known for their flexibility and reliability. Our reputation in the market has been enhanced significantly in the last five years with the launch of our 3-core EC motor technology for driving both fandecks plus forward & backward curved fan solutions.

In 2009 at ISH Frankfurt Torin-Sifan launched the first EC fandeck to the industry to take account of increasing focus on specific fan powers and controllability with these markets and also in advance of the ErP fan regulations that eventually arrived on 1st January 2013. ErP efficiency requirements for these fans were tightened further in 2015 and are planned to tighten even further in 2020. There has been some debate as to whether forward curved fan solutions will be allowable in ErP 2020, however we can confirm that forward curved fandecks/ small blowers equipped with Torin-Sifan EC motor technology will exceed the current ErP 2020 consultation document requirements.

Customisation of product in this sector is very popular, especially added value fan deck designs, and Torin-Sifan can guarantee significant design flexibility and support in assisting you in optimising your product.