Torin-Sifan has over 50 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of fan and motor technology, to support the ever changing needs of the residential & commercial heating industries starting in the 1960’s with a market leading position in the supply of fans for the traditional gas boilers of that day.

Today Torin-Sifan solutions can be found in a large number of oil, gas, electric and renewable applications, ranging from condensing gas boilers, heat pumps, warm air heating, storage heating and pellet stoves for the residential sector. Within the commercial sector manufacturers of radiant tube heaters, fan heaters, industrial unit heaters, oil heaters as well as larger output condensing gas boilers have made a home for Torin-Sifan fan technology.

Dependent on the specific requirements of our customers, their needs are met with either AC or EC motor technology driving a wide range of forward and backward curved centrifugal impeller technology. Many solutions are based on Torin-Sifan standard product, however by involving us at the early stages of product design, a fast increasing number of solutions are designed and customised very specifically to our customer’s application as part of a system rather than component approach. This has resulted in both fan and highly valued added product assemblies becoming an important part of our product service to the market optimising performance, production efficiency and cost.

Torin-Sifan’s product range for the heating industry has been developed to take account of the air performance, high efficiency, controllability and low noise requirements of our customers and also European wide legislation that continues to demand improvements particularly in product efficiency levels. Our team of design and applications engineers look forward to working hand-in-hand with you through your product design process.