Saying goodbye to our Year in Industry student

Ben Rickards has finished his Year in Industry placement with us and he will be very much missed!

Ben, a student from Bournemouth University, joined our engineering team and spent the last year learning skills in project planning and ownership, design reviews, new part development and sample production, increasing his understanding of the product applications and encouraging a broader commercial awareness.

When asked how he has found the overall experience, he said, "Spending my Year in Industry at Torin-Sifan has been so valuable for both my technical and personal skills. Throughout the year, I was given to opportunity to lead and be involved in projects that have allowed me to expand on my prior knowledge and gain experience that I can take into my Final year at BU."

"I have been involved in individual and collaborative projects which have requested effective design solutions for multiple customers in the HVAC industry. The most rewarding aspect of the year has been implementing my skills gained from my degree to make a positive contribution to the Engineering team. I was given the responsibility to lead my own projects and work alongside various sectors of the business to drive customer technical requests, which has broadened my knowledge of technical information and encouraged personal development."  

At Torin-Sifan we offer work placements for university students during their degree. We understand giving students an opportunity to work in the real world, will equip them with essential skills further down the line. If you are interested in starting an engineering work placement, please contact We’ll be happy to assist.

Ben finishes with, 

Everyone at Torin-Sifan has been extremely supportive from my induction to my final day and I’d like to thank all my colleagues for making my year so invaluable. I feel extremely fortunate and thankful to have been able to complete my placement within a growing organisation which has not only survived and continued operations, but has also made significant impact to people’s lives during the pandemic. 
A special thank you to my mentor Roseanne and all the engineering team for the opportunity to grow and begin my journey in the engineering world. I look forward to the challenges of my Final year and beyond, with my placement at Torin-Sifan at the forefront.