Year in industry student

Inspiring the next generation

Immersing young people in engineering is key to igniting a passion for the subject. At Torin-Sifan we offer work placements for university students during their degree. We understand giving students an opportunity to work in the real world, will equip them with essential skills further down the line.  

This year we have welcomed Ben Rickards to the team! He is currently studying Design Engineering at Bournemouth University and will be spending his 'Year in Industry' with us before he moves into his final year. At Torin-Sifan we have placed Ben in a multi-disciplinary team, assisting with project management and completion of customer technical requests (CTRs). This is giving Ben the opportunity to witness projects from start to finish and gain an understanding of how the team works together - utilising the different disciplines and expertise to produce a final product.

“At university one of the most enjoyable and rewarding units was ‘Engineering Simulation. This unit is heavily linked to practices at Torin-Sifan, as fans are often tuned based on the results gained from previous tests in order to improve their performance. I was certain I would be able to build on my existing knowledge, as well as have the opportunity to learn new skills over my year in industry.” - Ben Rickards.

We have ensured Ben is involved in all aspects of the project work at Torin-Sifan, allowing him to gain practical industrial experience, communicating with departments across the company and gaining insights in how to overcome obstacles to deliver projects on-time.

“Since starting my placement, I have been involved in many processes in the Applications team. I have been testing products to obtain performance data, as well as product analysis down to component level - to investigate how the products function.” Ben Rickards

Ben is expected to gain further skills in project planning and ownership, design reviews, new part development and sample production, increasing his understanding of the product applications and encouraging a broader commercial awareness.

“My time at Torin-Sifan so far has been insightful and rewarding, all of my colleagues have made my start at Torin-Sifan very enjoyable and I received a warm welcome upon joining the team. I have learnt a substantial amount at Torin-Sifan, due to how involved I have been with projects and hands-on work.” - Ben Rickards

Ben has quickly established himself as part of our team and gained an understanding of the importance of organisation and sharing resources. If you are interested in starting an engineering work placement, please contact We’ll be happy to assist.