Torin-Sifan Employees Successfully Complete Management Development Programme


As a company committed to continual improvement, Torin-Sifan encourages its employees to take part in a number of independently run initiatives, reaching out over a wide range of business activities, skills and personal development. The recent Management Development Programme (MDP) involved participants from companies throughout Europe.

On this latest programme Torin-Sifan was represented by Technical Applications Manager, Simon Hatcher, Sales Executive, Pete Willis and Lead Electronics Engineer, Sadaqat Ali. Over the past 14 months the team from Torin-Sifan has participated in several modules covering Personal Effectiveness, Business Finance, Managing Change, Coaching and Managing Performance. Tasks within the programme also necessitated visiting a number of the other participant’s businesses across Europe as well as tackling a sales business case covering various scenarios.

During this period, the team members have needed to take on significant extra workload, been subjected to some late nights as well as continuing to maintain their high standards in their day jobs at Torin-Sifan!

With the fantastic hospitality from their fellow participants on the programme, some strong, long lasting relationships have also developed.

Thursday, 21st April 2017 saw the conclusion of this latest Management Development Programme, culminating in a successful team presentation of their business case to an independent Board of Directors; this Torin-Sifan carried out with distinction and to finish off there was a celebration dinner held near the Torin-Sifan Headquarters in Swindon.

Further programmes will take place in 2018, where Torin-Sifan will be looking forward to once again making an excellent showing.