Torin-Sifan Joins EVIA

UK-based Torin-Sifan is delighted to announce that its application to join the membership of the European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA ) has been successful. A leading manufacturer and supplier of motors, motorised impellers, fans and blowers, Torin-Sifan’s membership to EVIA heralds the company’s continued growth in the European HVAC market.

Representing the European ventilation industry, EVIA aims to promote energy efficient ventilation applications across Europe, while highlighting the significant impact good indoor air quality has on health and comfort. With the European Union (EU) keen to lower carbon emissions, energy efficiency targets in building legislation are set to tighten. The ventilation industry has a key role to play in meeting these targets and EVIA aims to serve as a platform and point of contact between all relevant European Stakeholders involved, including European policy makers and product manufacturers.

As a leading European manufacturer of highly energy efficient Air Movement products, Torin-Sifan is keen to contribute to EVIA’s goals. Membership of EVIA will position Torin-Sifan at the forefront of European policy and help ensure the regulatory challenges set by the EU are both commercially and technically realistic for Torin-Sifan and its customers. 

“It is vital to limit energy usage in the EU in order to meet carbon targets. As a result Europe is generating significant directives and legislation to drive energy efficiency, but it is crucial that these legislative decisions take into account their implications for the supply chain. With EVIA representing the views of the European ventilation industry and sharing our expertise with EU decision makers I am confident we can successfully contribute to and shape viable European policy.”

says Paul Kilburn, Commercial Director, Torin-Sifan.