Indoor Air Quality

Why indoor air quality matters

Air pollution, we’re all aware of the chemicals outside, but do we spare a second thought to the air within our homes and offices? As a nation we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, with that figure in mind it is time we try and take indoor air quality more seriously. This blog will explain what indoor air quality is, what causes air pollution and how to improve your air quality going forward.

What is indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality is the quality of the air within our home, offices and any other building. The quality of the air can affect our quality of life. As poor quality air, commonly known as air pollution, has been linked to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (

Is outdoor air pollution worse?

Sadly no, there have been scientific studies that have shown the air within our homes and workplace can be more polluted than the outside! Air pollution isn’t just limited to the outside and with more of us spending time indoors than ever before, a higher concentration of pollutants can build up inside due to the lack of ventilation.

What causes indoor air pollution?

A multiple of things can cause indoor air pollution, such as:

  • Chemicals within an industrial facility.
  • Cleaning products
  • Air fresheners
  • Paints
  • Smoking
  • Building materials
  • Gas stoves
  • Dust
  • Dampness

How indoor air quality can help lessen coronavirus spread

Ensuring workplaces and homes are well ventilated throughout the crisis will help reduce the spread of the coronavirus ( . By exchanging indoor-outdoor air regularly, this will help prevent any airborne particles building up.

Throughout the Coronavirus epidemic Torin-Sifan has continued to manufacture and service our customers with our fans that have been used in applications to improve ventilation and IAQ throughout Hospitals, Schools and Offices

What can I do to improve indoor air quality?

Ventilation is an important factor for improving indoor air quality. By increasing the amount of outdoor air into the building you will be able to replace any stagnant, harmful air with fresh air from outside. This can be achieved by opening windows several times a day or installing a HVAC system such as an extraction fan or air filtration unit. At Torin-Sifan we supply energy efficient parts for ventilation systems; this increases the efficiency of the overall effectiveness of the application.

Additionally, ensuring air ducts are clean will help with the effectiveness of any HVAC system you have in place. Things such as pollutants, mould, allergens, viruses and bacteria can gather inside air ducts. Therefore keeping the ducts clean will help with the overall performance of your HVAC system and the quality of air within your building.

Overall it is important to pay attention to the quality of your indoor air whether at home or at work. If you’re looking for a new supplier of ventilation products,
contact us today.