Working together to revolutionise North American radiant heating technology

The demands of ErP legislation are well known in the European HVAC industry and the drive to reduce energy consumption and maximise seasonal efficiency of heating devices is at the top of most development agendas. As a leader in the design and manufacture of highly efficient centrifugal fan technology and electronically commutated (EC) motors, we have been at the forefront of providing leading edge solutions to our customers efficiency and innovation challenges.

It’s great to see that our work has not gone unnoticed having been approached earlier in 2020 by a new customer active in the North American radiant heating market. Whilst not driven by legislation, our customer has high ambitions for revolutionising the performance of radiant heating in North America and providing their customers with best in class solutions that offer real value over existing traditional technology.

This ambition has resulted in the launch of a brand new range of radiant products with a larger BTU offering, covering larger areas and with single/ two stage and fully modulating models. They are the first radiant heat company in North America to launch a product range using EC motor technology.

The EC motors are 2/3 times more efficient in their energy consumption compared with traditional AC motors and are whisper quiet in operation. The motor, impeller and intelligent electronics are all integrated in one fan unit. The modulation capability of the fan adjusts both air and gas allowing precise control of real time demand to heat demand eliminating temperature swings and maintaining a consistent comfort level. The service life of the heater also significantly increases as on/off is no longer required removing cold starts due to the modulating fan feature matching heat demand at all times. The fan technology has assisted our customer in launching by far the most intelligent and efficient radiant heater in their market.

North American customers seem to be reacting well with our customers demand ahead of this year’s heating season significantly ahead of expectations.

Working with our customers from the onset of new product development, sharing our innovation, adapting our technology to best match our customer’s application and doing so on a global basis through our commercial and engineering teams is what Torin-Sifan is here for.

Please do get in-touch and put us to the test…