4 key reasons why you should choose our forward and backward curved impellers.

Our backward and forward-curved motorised centrifugal impellers, as well as single-inlet fans within scroll housings - have the lowest specific fan power (SFP) in its class. But that's not all, here are four key points why you should consider us as your partner of choice for these motorised impellers.


Energy efficient fans with whisper-quiet operation

We design and manufacture highly efficient, electronically commutated EC motors. We ensure our products deliver the best in class efficiency, so much so, it has helped position our customers at the forefront of their markets. 


A fan as unique as your application

We understand how an 'out of the box' fan may not meet your requirements. That's why we have the capabilities to design and manufacture fans that meet your exact needs.

We have a team of engineers on-hand to help create the solution for you. Each fan is built and designed within our own facilities, here in the UK.


Increased power!

Our forward and backward curved impellers have now welcomed 170w editions to the range!



Our products are available with cassette frames and scroll housing. We have set the optimal inlet condition so our motorised impellers run efficiently and quietly to meet your expectations. All you have to do, is add it to your application.