A New High-Efficiency EC Fan Range - Revolution 360 From Torin-Sifan

UK-based Torin-Sifan is launching the Revolution 360 range, the next generation of centrifugal 3-core electronically commutated (EC) motorised impellers and fans, at ISH 2017, the world’s leading platform for building, ventilation and plumbing solutions, Messe Frankfurt, (14-18 March 2017).  A leading manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal fans to the UK and European HVAC industry, Torin-Sifan’s new high-efficiency Revolution 360 offers a wide range of EC motorised impellers and fans providing best-in-class levels of efficiency together with smooth, silent operation.

Comprising a comprehensive series of backward and forward-curved motorised impellers, as well as single and double-inlet fans within scroll housings, the Revolution 360 range has achieved the seemingly impossible task of both whisper quiet operation, as well as boasting the lowest specific fan power (SFP) in its class.  Featuring a sensorless PCB design with ultra-low static losses, a further reduction in SFP is possible using innovative energy-saving mode options built into the electronic PCB design.  With The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive driving energy and noise reductions, Torin’s product development strategy has been keenly focused on these areas.  As a result, this new range has been developed following intensive R&D at Torin-Sifan’s state-of-the-art EC Manufacturing and Technology Centre, based in Swindon, UK.

“Following intensive R&D at our EC Manufacturing & Technology Centre, we are delighted to launch the Revolution 360 range of EC fans which offers our customers a step-change for the better in energy saving, noise and flexibility.”

says Paul Kilburn, Managing Director, Torin-Sifan.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the design and manufacture of EC motor technology, enabling us to offer our customers quiet, highly efficient and innovative solutions.”

Available in Torin-Sifan’s standard fan sizes, starting at 133 mm for backward-curved and 120 mm for forward-curved, the Revolution 360 range can also be adapted to offer customised solutions, providing optimal performance for dedicated applications. The backward-curved impeller range includes features that optimise aerodynamic and noise performance. They are available in two designs, one optimises performance in applications with higher pressures, the other excels where high airflows are required. The forward-curved impeller range is also available with the option of constant volume, helping to ensure installed performance levels are maintained.

Designed for continuous operation across a temperature range of -20 ºC to +60 ºC and offering IP54 ingress protection, the range is extremely robust and reliable. Non-contact, sealed for life bearings, a press-fit mechanical assembly with minimal components and a solder-free precision-wound 3-core stator, using the latest needle-winding technology, all ensure the highest levels of performance and quality.

Within-application monitoring and control are essential, so with 0 V, 10 V and Tacho output as well as 0-10 V or PWM control, the entire range has plenty of control options, which also include a serial communications interface and the unique enhanced efficiency options.

Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, including central ventilation systems (with or without heat recovery) heat pumps, fan coil units, air curtains, cooling equipment and unit/cabinet heating. Right from the outset, Revolution 360 has been designed to be a uniquely flexible product range, with application-specific customisation and modification available throughout. Options available can vary from plug type and mounting hole position to fully bespoke designs for specific applications.