High temperature EC Fans

Innovation is at the forefront of our business strategy and with an ever changing market we acknowledge that our customers’ requirements will change overtime.

Legislation continues to play an important part for all our businesses, having supported the commercial heating industry for over 50 years with customised high temperature fans, Torin-Sifan understands that our clients look to us for support whenever the fan requirements change.

As the need for variable speed fans, suitable for a fully modulating system, is becoming more of a requirement in the commercial/industrial heating sector towards 2021 – we have developed a range of high temperature EC driven fans.

Built around our high efficiency EC motor platform, these EC driven fans continue to offer all of the qualities of our traditional AC products with the added benefit of variable speed control by either 0-10V or PWM allowing them to be used with a fully modulating burner system.

Our approach has always been to offer our clients flexibility and this is a key quality that we continue to uphold, we understand that making a change is not always easy and just like we have with our traditional AC products our new EC high temperature fans are customisable to ensure that they will meet your exact requirements.