Torin-Sifan Launches Energy Efficient Centrifugal Fan Range

UK-based Torin-Sifan has launched an innovative range of Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans powered by its latest generation EC motor platform. A leading manufacturer and supplier of direct drive centrifugal fans to the UK and European HVAC industry, Torin Sifan’s new energy efficient EC Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans (ECDDC) are not only compliant with the European Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for 2015, but also exceed its required Fan Motor Efficiency Grades (FMEGs) by nearly 50%.

 Torin Sifan’s new fans significantly outperform the January 2015 ErP Regulations’ minimum efficiency levels, with the ECDDC range boasting FMEGs of up to 65, compared to a requirement of 44. In addition, the high efficiency EC motor used in this range offers up to 30% energy savings when compared to a traditional AC motor. This can be increased by up to an impressive 75% energy saving through the use of the infinite speed control that is possible with EC motors without any loss in fan efficiency. The ECDDC range also offers best in class performance for lowest Specific Fan Power.



"In January 2015 the European ErP Directive further tightened the minimum efficiency levels for Forward Curved Centrifugal fans - it is essential manufacturers meet these targets. At Torin-Sifan we are therefore delighted to launch this new ErP-compliant range of fans,"

says Paul Kilburn, Commercial Director, Torin-Sifan

"We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the design and manufacture of EC motor technology enabling us to offer our customers highly efficient innovative solutions. Our product development strategy is heavily influenced by legislation and we are committed to reducing energy consumption."

Ideal for a wide range of applications including ventilation units, air handling units, heat recovery systems, air curtains, cooling equipment and unit/cabinet heating, the ECDDC fans also have the added advantage of being suitable for retrofit with Torin-Sifan’s traditional AC Forward Curved range, ensuring minimum design disruption for OEMs. This also makes the fans ideal for refurbishment projects where fan efficiency needs to be upgraded.

Designed for continuous operation in a temperature range of -20⁰C +40⁰C, the ECDDC fans are low noise for quiet operation. Available in all of Torin-Sifan’s generic fan sizes, starting at 200-180 (7/7) through to 381-381 (15/15), the ECDDC fans are also offered as customised solutions.

Featuring a fan case and impeller manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanised steel, the ECDDC fans are also robust and reliable, benefitting from an F-class motor with maintenance-free ball bearings. Meanwhile, built-in Tacho Output signal capability provides easy monitoring of fan speed. This enables the user to monitor whether the fan is running, with alarm systems that can be linked into a BMS on larger systems to support maintenance control. In addition, the fans benefit from a range of accessories that can be factory fitted, including outlet flanges, mounting feet and cubic frames.  Painted finishes are also available on request.

The ErP Directive for fans was implemented on 1st January 2013 and identified a consistent measurement method and efficiency criteria for fans including minimum allowable FMEGs for Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans. From January 2015, these grades tightened   further as the drive to migrate demand to more energy efficient products intensifies. Furthermore, there is already a European consultation in progress regarding an additional tightening of efficiency grades from 2017/18. The Torin-Sifan ECDDC range is fully expected to comply with the 2017/18 requirements ensuring your decision to implement EC Technology now will be a sustainable decision for years to come.