Torin-Sifan’s New EC Fandeck Boasts Quiet Efficiency

Torin-Sifan, the pioneer and leader in the manufacture and supply of energy efficient EC Fandecks in the UK and Europe, has launched its latest generation EC Fandeck.

Designed for a variety of applications Torin-Sifan’s latest EC Fandeck is ideal where multiple fans are needed to achieve specified airflows but where space limitations exist, such as fan coil units, fan convector units, air curtains, trench heating and ventilation units. The design of the new improved EC Fandeck is part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The EC Motor used on the Fandecks has been enhanced with a new ECO electronics package now fitted on board the motor offering improvements in efficiency and lowering specific fan powers. These enhanced levels of efficiency ensure the EC Fandeck range exceeds the requirements of the January 2015 FMEG levels prescribed in the latest edition of the ErP Regulation for Fans. The motor & electronics package is also more compact offering greater flexibility for Fandeck designs. Plus there are several improvements that have been made to the design and construction of the Fandeck improving rigidity and ensuring the new range is whisper quiet.

“Our product development strategy has been heavily influenced by legislation, particularly requirements aimed at reducing energy consumption and as pioneers of EC Fandeck technology, we are delighted to demonstrate our continued commitment to EC innovation with our new EC Fandeck platform,”

explains Paul Kilburn, Commercial Director, Torin-Sifan.

“We are committed to ensuring we are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of highly efficient EC Motor technology to offer our customers innovative, efficient and quiet solutions for both residential and commercial applications.”

The new Fandeck is EMC compliant with harmonic filtering inbuilt within the onboard electronics, which avoids the cost of additional harmonic filtering and is supported by extremely versatile 0-10 V speed control capabilities, without loss of efficiency. The range also allows for retrofit with Torin-Sifan’s traditional AC Fandeck ranges, ensuring minimum design disruption for OEMs, while making them ideal for refurbishment projects where highly efficient fans are desired. A custom build service is also available, allowing customer specific desk plate designs and mounting arrangements to be factory fitted.

The high efficiency EC motor used in this range offers up to 30% energy savings when compared to a traditional AC motor. This can be increased by up to an impressive 75% energy saving through the use of the infinite speed control that is possible with EC motors, without any loss in fan efficiency. Unlike AC Motors that have a peak efficiency at a single point on their operating curve, with efficiency varying substantially under speed control, EC Motors maintain their efficiency across the operating range of the fan.It also offers best in class performance for lowest Specific Fan Power.

The range is available in both single and double shafted solutions, with impeller diameters ranging from 108-186 mm, while impeller lengths range from 148-236 mm. EC Fandecks with single, double, triple or quadruple housings are available from Torin-Sifan, meeting manufacturers' exact requirements and thus offering greater versatility and flexibility. The Fandeck also boasts an all metal construction for durability and can be painted to meet customer specifications. EC Motors are available from 40-500 W, catering for the varying requirements of each customer’s application.

Featuring fan housing, impeller and deck plate manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanised steel, the EC Fandeck is robust and reliable.  Meanwhile, the built-in Tacho output signal capability provides easy monitoring of fan speed. This enables the user to monitor whether the fan is running, with alarm systems that can be linked into a BMS on larger systems to support maintenance control.